In addition to supplementing the paid staff on Arlington County Fire Department Apparatus, the Cherrydale Volunteer Fire Department owns and operates both Support 103 and Utility 103.

Support 103img_1321
– 2000 Spartan Precision
– 30kw Generator
– 4 head Wilburt Light tower
– Seating for 6 Firefighter/EMTs

Support 103 provides emergency support services of lighting and air replenishment at fire incidents. This unit also assists the Arlington County Police Department by illuminating major accident and crime scene investigation, as well as nighttime DWI checkpoints. Staffing for Light and Air 103 is provided by volunteer members


img_2996-1Utility 103
– 2007 Ford F-250
– Seating for 5 Firefighters/EMTs

Utility 103 is a general support vehicle which is operated by our members for special events. It can be used as a response vehicle during times of high call volume around the County, especially during storms.