Donate to the Cherrydale Volunteer Fire Department

The Cherrydale Volunteer Fire Department is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization receiving no tax funding from the county or state. As with any organization we have costs, so we’re always looking for generous donations from the community. If you’re interested in donating to the department, please consider donating using the form below.

Cherrydale Members in front of new Support 103 at the Old Cherrydale Fire Station.
Members in front of Support 103 at the Historic Cherrydale Fire Station

You and other friends and neighbors have kept The Cherrydale Volunteer Fire Department serving our community since 1898 — and your help today will keep us serving for generations to come. On average, Cherrydale’s volunteer members contribute between 40-60 hours per month to department activities, from training to serving, a volunteer is supporting the dept. in some form or fashion 24/7/365.

Your donation is used to:

1. Equip volunteers to support the career staff of the Arlington County Fire Department (ACFD) and as-needed assistance to other communities throughout the region
2. Fund all-important volunteer firefighter and EMT training
3. Help us purchase, operate, and maintain support apparatus
4. Preserve and maintain the historic Cherrydale Volunteer Fire Department Firehouse at 3900 Lee Highway (listed in the National Register of Historic Places).

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